Sunday, September 1, 2013

I am back!

Wow, I forgot that I had a blog, LOL!. I have been using facebook and decided that I need to showcase my work and other interests on the blog again. I have been very busy since the last post. Here are my top 10 things that have happened ( In no particular order)

1. I switched from CeCe Caldwell paint to American Paint Company. I LOVE this new paint and it's many new products.Please go to my pages and introduce yourself to this amazing paint.

2. Jen Copus at Un-Hinged went solo and I have been working in her shop on Tuesdays. Come and see us.

3. I bought a sprayer and a projector for future projects. I may become obsessed!

4.I got lazy......

5. I was going to go to Haven ( the blogging convention of all time) and I chickened out.. ;(

6. I added a second location to showcase my paints. I am at Un-Hinged in Centerville and a new antique mall in Centerville called Antiques Village. Check out their facebook page.

7. I have a URL site and can't access it yet, so this blog may change locations.

8. I told myself I need to figure blogging out again.

9. I have to get all this furniture out of my garage!

10. I love to paint and want to share this all with you!!!


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