Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Chifferobe

I love Chifferobes! 

What is a chifferobe? The urban dictionary defines it as: 
A closet-like piece of furniture that combines a long space for hanging clothes (that is, a wardrobe or armoire) with a chest of drawers. Chifferobes were first advertised in the 1908 Sears, Roebuck Catalogue, which described them as "a modern invention, having been in use only a short time." The term itself is a portmanteau of the words chiffonier and wardrobe. It is used in the United States, primarily in the southern portion of the country, and in Cuba. Pronounced shif-uh-rohb or shif-rohb. In Spanish as "chief-o-robay."

Well here was mine. 
Now, I bought this for my kids for college and my son said "Ah, I don't think so" and my daughter said "it is not cute enough". HMMMM! Well I asked my fellow American Paint Company retailers for their input. I  already had a few ideas in my head and got a lot of feedback and low and behold, I got a link for a really cute idea from a fellow painter who saw something on Pinterest and went "with it". Yes, we all love Pinterest. I loved it , so the painting began.......

So, I started painting. The body of the Chifferobe is Shining Seas. The top to bottom drawers color wise, is as follows: Surfboard, Purple Mountain Majesty, Born on the 4th, Beach Glass, and Home Turf. I loved how all the colors blended and I was so excited to paint them all different. READY????

The top drawer is surfboard and I used three of the old knobs for a little whimsy, but a clean look. The pulls are beach glass, born on the 4th and home turf. I love this color combo.   Now drawer #2........  


Drawer #2! I love Purple Mountain Majesty. Just love it and I cannot believe how well surfboard works with PMM. I had this cute stencil and fell in love with this bird knob, that I brushed in surfboard!  So cute! What's 

The inspiration of the chifferobe came from this scrapbook print. It had all the colors I liked. Born on the 4th of July is the background color. I have always wanted to do something with wine corks ! I used a serrated knife and cut them in half and then glued and cut to size. The blue flower knob hit a homerun! Drawer 4??????       

Drawer 4 is Beach Glass and "Framed" with Purple Mountain Majesty. See these colors rock together. A cute little stenciling and voila, we are done. One more drawer? Yep!  


Drawer 5  is painted with a base of Home Turf and then I took a scrapbook page and ripped it in half and glued it down, and added a neutral knob. I like it!  What next? Oh, the door!!!!

I am back!

Wow, I forgot that I had a blog, LOL!. I have been using facebook and decided that I need to showcase my work and other interests on the blog again. I have been very busy since the last post. Here are my top 10 things that have happened ( In no particular order)

1. I switched from CeCe Caldwell paint to American Paint Company. I LOVE this new paint and it's many new products.Please go to my pages and introduce yourself to this amazing paint.

2. Jen Copus at Un-Hinged went solo and I have been working in her shop on Tuesdays. Come and see us.

3. I bought a sprayer and a projector for future projects. I may become obsessed!

4.I got lazy......

5. I was going to go to Haven ( the blogging convention of all time) and I chickened out.. ;(

6. I added a second location to showcase my paints. I am at Un-Hinged in Centerville and a new antique mall in Centerville called Antiques Village. Check out their facebook page.

7. I have a URL site and can't access it yet, so this blog may change locations.

8. I told myself I need to figure blogging out again.

9. I have to get all this furniture out of my garage!

10. I love to paint and want to share this all with you!!!